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6 Ways to Renovate Your Home to Yield the Best ROI

Many times, a lot of alterations are required while renovating a home. At times, it is for addressing specific family needs, whereas other times, it might be to update or upgrade one or more components to give a different aura to an existing environment of the house. As important as it is, homeowners need to realize that different renovations have a different impact on the value of the house and it’s not necessarily the expensive ones that yield the best return on investment. This article throws light on how to consider, examine, review and decide the minor renovations, ones that provide us with the options that give the best financial return. Here is the list of 6 ways to renovate your home to yield the best ROI:

Refurbish or replace the garage door:

It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning. And while we often fail to pay enough attention to how our garage doors look or function, a little adjustment in this highly ignored area, increases the value of our home since it’s eye-catching and gives out a luxurious vibe to the viewers, hence adding the highest return to our investment. This cosmetic consideration adds to our presentation and magnifies the effects of our home at the time of the showing. Not just that if you decide to stage your home virtually, a decorated garage door will produce very impressive pictures and will attract many buyers.

6 Ways to Renovate Your Home to Yield the Best ROI

Add Stone Veneer or Stone Cladding to increase curb appeal:

The stone veneer is usually the first impression for a visitor who looks at your house. It can be of natural origin or can be manufactured using natural aggregates, pigments, and cement. Available to be used both in the exterior and the interiors of a house, it comes in all varieties and sizes. If you use quality material, it will prove to be a long-term investment that is durable and will require lesser maintenance. You might want to be mindful of the moisture accumulation at the time of installing your veneer or it might cause structural damage. A well-inspected cladding protects the walls against harsh weather, dirt, and mould; thus adding value to your home and giving it a sophisticated look at the same time.

6 Ways to Renovate Your Home to Yield the Best ROI

Upgrade your Entry Door

Your front door, without a doubt, is the centrepiece that captures the visitor’s eye. Now, although the average ROI of this replacement is approx. 68.2%, we can be smart about it to gain maximum return on this with our creativity. Study the colour scheme, structural design, and exterior appearance of the house and based on that finalize the new style and colour for your entry gate. If your house design is very unique and creative, go for simple and clean front gates that depict elegance. And if your house design is a general one, go for a decorative design to add a vintage feel. You can also go for the cover above the door to add dimension paired with a doorbell; as minor as it may sound this detail makes a lasting impression on a visitor’s mind about your home.


Entry Door

Add a Wooden Deck or Re-Invent an Existing One

You can opt for many options to increase your home’s value, but choosing one that also impacts the buyer’s impression is another smart decision you can make. Patios and front porches have lost their position of being the most attractive social centres to Backyard Decks. Elevated decks with enough space to hold tables and grill, and host small get-togethers on outdoors are very much in demand these days. The materials used to build the deck has different value to add to the total returns. The best part here is the lower the deck’s cost at the time of installation the more ROI it adds to the home’s value. Keep in mind the location, material, and timing of re-furbishing your deck area to gain the best returns possible.

Wooden Deck

Vinyl Siding

Not only does vinyl siding changes the entire appearance of the house, but also offers longevity and restraint from moisture, termites, mould, and fire. It’s more like an investment in itself and requires lesser maintenance as it’s made from a PVC resin that calls for durability and resistance. Along with this, the vinyl siding has a higher curb appeal as it comes in different styles. The Vinyl Sidings come in three forms that are horizontal, vertical, and shingle panels. You can get insulated siding that gives some degree of thermal resistance and reduces energy consumption. A mid-range vinyl project can retrieve approx. 80.7% of its initial cost, all the while adding to the value of the house entirely.


Remodelling the kitchen

Kitchen renovations, overall are very expensive and time-consuming and are not very productive. So, go for remodelling parts of your kitchen one by one. Reconditioning your kitchen cabinet at a time will refresh the appearance of your kitchen and will provide a good ROI when the entire kitchen is modernized, so wait for a while before getting other parts of your kitchen remodelled. Getting minor readjustments keeps the appearance fresh every time you invest in little details. While it is observed that these minor projects in your kitchen fetch approx. 83% ROI or more.

Remodelling the kitchen

Restructuring is the smartest way for homeowners to add returns to the value of their home, all the while perfecting its functionality and looks. Enhance various parts of your house one by one and make minor changes that are low on investment and will yield profitability in the long run. These are the 6 ways to renovate your home to yield the best ROI with the least investment with desired results is the best investment.