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Real Estate FAQs

During the process of buying or selling a home, you’ll unearth countless real estate questions. As it can be difficult to sift through all the details in order to find answers that are relevant and meaningful to you, we have put together the following series of reports that provide clear, concise and useful information on a wide range of issues related to real estate. Here you’ll find renovation advice, real estate insider secrets, tips on how to save money, and much more.

We would be happy to personally answer any other questions you may have.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

Benefits of Using a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Buy or Sell First?

“Drive-Up Appeal”: Get Your Property Ready to Show

Buying a Home: What Expenses to Expect

Hire the Right Agent, For the Right Reasons: 8 Questions to Ask

Home Inspections: Top Ten Problems

How to Get Top Dollar for Your Home, Fast!

How to Set and Offer Price

Know the Market Before You Buy

7 Things to Look for in a New Neighbourhood

A Manual to Prepare Your Home for Selling

Prepare the Inside of Your House for Showing

Second Time’s a Charm! Sell the House that Didn’t Sell

Showtime: Tips for Showing Your Home

Stop Paying Your Landlord!: Own Your Own Home

Tips for the Moving Process

Top Legal Mistakes to Avoid

Where to Start: Begin to Prepare Your Home for Showing

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