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7 Embarrassing Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

Consider, you go to a store, where there are unnecessary items placed before you, and you become dismayed with the environment the shop has to present. Now, consider you go to another store where, everything is placed well, all cleaned up, clutter-free, and up-to-date. This will definitely fascinate you, and you tend you to step in, even if you have no intention to buy anything.
This can be the case with a house as well. Staging is an important process while selling your house. Buyers, who are on a hunt, make sure that the homes that they are looking for are well-styled to compete with the ongoing trend in the market. There are 7 major embarrassing home staging mistakes that can hurt your home’s value:

1. Wrong Painting can be painful:
A buyer will always go for a picture-perfect apartment. Not painting your apartment and keeping it pale, is one of the common mistakes that sellers do. Clean, fresh, and bright, are the universal dogmas of staging. You can make a tired room look out of the ordinary just with a coat of paint on the walls. Maybe, repainting the walls every time is not possible, so one can always find other ways like keeping the apartment well-lighted, to avoid looking the apartment dull.

7 Embarrassing Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

2. Ouch! Too much furniture:
It’s amazing to have good furniture in your house, especially in the main areas like, sofas in the living room, a table in the dining area, and side table at the corner of your personal rooms. But it isn’t a good idea to flood your house with plenty of furniture, just to make it look you have everything. However, including too much furniture can actually make your apartment look messed up and disarranged and won’t be an appeal to any eye.

7 Embarrassing Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

3. Curtains can either make a room look mess or mesmerizing:
Omitting curtains is a common blunder and installing them can soften the space. People, who choose to save money on curtains, overcompensate by overcrowding the flat with expensive furnishings in an attempt to make the space feel less empty and cold.

7 Embarrassing Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

In terms of color, plain and neutral are always preferred. If the walls are white, one must choose grayish curtains, or fabric with just a hint of color to add contrast. Most stagers will work with your existing drapes, but if you have brightly colored floral print drapes, it will be the only design the stager will allow in the room.

Even hanging curtains touching the floor, can be a faux too. If one hangs the curtain right above the windows, it misses on the illusion of height. Hence, curtains can actually make a difference.

4. Poor light fixtures and lighting: Cornelius Celsius once said “Live in a room full of light”. Lighting is an essential way to change the mood of a room, and buyers would love buying a bright and airy house, rather than a dull and unexciting house. Some of the ways to incorporate lighting in your house can be installing roof lights, table lamps, or create different layers of lighting in different rooms. Natural light is the best light; hence, it becomes important to have curtain covered windows, which allow some light to pass through it. This will be definitely a boost to your home selling process.
7 Embarrassing Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

5. Oh, remove the items from the tables and counters: Overcrowding the table and counters can make even a large room appear smaller. If a buyer sees too much stuff in your area, he or she may be put off and believe the flat is disorganized. Reduce the number of them to avoid a gloomy view. Make your residence one-of-a-kind and emotionally appealing to the buyer.

6. Clutter (enough stated): Once your home is on the market, you must treat it less like a home and more like a product. Any product, which is clutter-free, is an eye-appealer. It could be anything like replacing worn-out doormats, wilted houseplants, or removing old furniture. Create a relaxing environment that allows purchasers to imagine their own lifestyle in the home, rather than yours. Minimize clutter in every room and on every surface, such as family photos, eccentric art, and collectibles, so that it does not distract or turn off potential buyers. Clean, depersonalize, and simplify your home as if it were a model home, because that’s exactly what it needs to be while it’s on the market.

7. Empty apartments don’t sell: When it comes to selling a house, some homeowners goes wrong while decorating their house. They might feel keeping a house empty might give a bigger view, but that’s not true. Inappropriate or no use use of furniture, pillows, table, curtains, and other stuff might be a drawback for you as it lessen an emotional and aesthetic connect between the buyer and the seller. These were 7 embarrassing home staging mistakes that can hurt your home’s value