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Best Town Value in Neighbourhood in Lower Mainland.

Best Town Value in Neighbourhood in Lower Mainland.

Most of the people residing in the Lower Mainland region don’t have the luxury of affording a home. That’s the reason why townhouses are so popular. Living in a townhouse, however, comes with certain compromises that can make living a bit difficult. To ensure that you make the most out of your townhouse, you should look out for the following areas. Here are some best town value in neighbourhood in lower mainland.

Vancouver City

Best Town Value in Neighbourhood in Lower Mainland.

Vancouver is one of the premier international cities with a distinctly cosmopolitan feel, which makes it tops the lists of many who are looking forward to owning a property in one of the most pristine cities of Canada. Vancouver is a harbour city that provides some of the best restaurants, shopping complexes, and entertainment hubs that the country has to offer. Trees, mountains, lakes, and beaches make this one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the world. The city is not only framed by the towering Mountains by the coast but it is also pinned between the English Bay and the Burrard Strait, Adding beautiful beaches and seafront parks to this urban centre.

When it comes to Real Estate, especially residential properties, be it detached single-family homes to condos, townhouses to luxury real estate, Vancouver has it all. However, if you want the best value for your town-home then you should look out for West End and Yaletown (located in the Downtown area).


North Vancouver

Best Town Value in Neighbourhood in Lower Mainland.

North Vancouver is located just north of Downtown. It is considered a mecca for townhouses and apartments.  Norgate, Central Lonsdale and Lower Lonsdale are the best neighbourhoods to own a townhouse in this city because things are close and convenient. You’ll find some of the most comfortable and luxurious units here. These neighbourhoods offer great liveability features like proximity to preferred schools and medical services. Within few minutes of stepping out from your townhouse, you’ll be close to shops, grocery stores, green spaces, and dog parks. Lonsdale offers 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes with spacious floorplans starting at $1.26M.



Best Town Value in Neighbourhood in Lower Mainland.

The top neighbourhoods for Coquitlam would be Central and North Coquitlam neighbourhoods. While the townhouses are a bit expensive in Central Coquitlam in comparison to other neighbourhoods, but it’s worth the price due to the ease of access that this neighbourhood offers. Be it the area’s biggest mall or the transit lines (both West Coast Line and the Millennial Line). Another thing is when you live in a townhouse your proximity to your neighbours is very close. Therefore, it becomes really important that you get along with them, so you all can live in harmony. Coquitlam could be an excellent choice since the residents here are very friendly and there is a strong sense of togetherness. It’s a great area to settle in if family and community are important to you. The average price for a townhouse in Central Coquitlam is just a bit over $750K.



Burnaby is located just east of Vancouver City. This city is one of the most diverse suburbs found in the Lower Mainland. Burnaby is home to many major landmarks like Burnaby Lake, Deer Lake, Burnaby Village Museum, Burnaby Mountain Golf Course and Simon Fraser University. If you prefer living in a quieter place, you can settle down close to Burnaby Mountain. However, if you like the hustle and bustle of a town, you can move close to Metrotown and be close to one of the biggest malls in Canada. The best value townhouses are located in Vancouver Heights (North Burnaby) and Central Park BS (South Burnaby) and each area different has perks and benefits. Burnaby offers 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes in the range of $800K-$900K.



The city offers great access to Vancouver’s international airport, the SkyTrain and a direct route to downtown Vancouver. But it’s one of the hottest locations for mega-mansion builds and land parcel sales. The area of Steveston is one of the most peaceful and beautiful neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland. The wharf attracts tourists, visitors, and locals who want to get away from the busy nature of city life. Many townhouses have been constructed right by the water and the views are quite spectacular. This is a great place to live if you appreciate quiet and calm living. These are some best town value in neighbourhood in lower mainland.